Fall Semester is gone…and 2018 is here!

Fall semester was a really hectic time for us here in our humble little apartment! My fiance unfortunately lost his job, which has led to a lot of watching our bank accounts (especially with the wedding costs finally rolling in) and the ever-painful job hunt. He's had three interviews with really great companies over the … Continue reading Fall Semester is gone…and 2018 is here!


Second Job Opportunity

In the last 24 hours, I have made four shift trades at work. This was either due to school work that needed to be done (like when my lab professor moved our final and assigned me a time┬ájust after my 12 hour night shift would end) or personal reasons (like wanting off for my fiance's … Continue reading Second Job Opportunity

Paying 3 Bills in 1 Day Doesn’t Freak Me (or My Bank Account) Out

There's something to be said for planning ahead. One of the biggest struggles I had when I transitioned to adult life was making sure I kept up with everything I needed to do...including bills. Especially bills. The thought of forgetting a payment or even being late made my heart rate sputter and increase, and even … Continue reading Paying 3 Bills in 1 Day Doesn’t Freak Me (or My Bank Account) Out

Financial Aid Season Is Upon Us

It is a time of great blessings (read: free money) and great debt (read: student loan debt promissory notes). I both love and hate this time of July. My university (where I have gone for both undergrad and grad school) produces their student aid packages like clockwork (unless, of course, our state legislatures don't agree … Continue reading Financial Aid Season Is Upon Us

Adulting 101: Health Insurance Basics

It's that time of the year again! This is the first year that I have joined the ranks of working adults across the United States participating in Open Enrollment for benefits. Typically, Open Enrollment is a limited time frame when employees (or just citizens, if you're purchasing health insurance privately) are able to sign up … Continue reading Adulting 101: Health Insurance Basics