New Job!

Hey all!

Sorry I haven’t written much the last week or so…I actually started my new job and it has been keeping me busy!

I am now officially an Intensive Care Nurse (woot!! 🙂 ) working with sick little ones and their families. I couldn’t be more excited to start and to see the miracles of these children growing and getting better and going home with their families.

Along with a new job comes a new paycheck! (Double woot!!) I was able to estimate how much it will be per pay period (which is every two weeks) but I don’t want to plan on that number until I’m more sure of how taxes will affect my new income.

Also along with a new job comes a new schedule; I will be working the very glamorous 3am to 3pm shift.


This shift really isn’t too terrible — I’ve done it before a few times — but shifting my life to this schedule on a more permanent basis will be tricky. I will be on this schedule for at least the rest of the scheduling period we are in, about 4 weeks. After that, they may have me flip to 3pm to 3am shifts. It just all depends on if we still have a high census with a higher acuity.

Since my old parking spot in the city is 2 miles from my new job, and I would have to walk or wait for a bus at 2:30 in the morning, I opted to end that lease come August 31st (giving them over 30 days notice) and take up a lease on-site at the hospital. Instead of paying $75/month for unlimited parking access, I will be paying $111/month for access only when working, but the price hike for convenience and safety is worth it to me. I always have the option of switching leases with the hospital and parking in a lot further away that shuttles you in, but I won’t consider that until I’m more permanently on another shift (the shuttles don’t run overnight).

That’s the slim low-down on my new job…I definitely will post more once I get more settled in and learn how this will affect my repayment journey more. As for now, I’m still planning on being paid off completely by January 1, 2020, so we’ll cross our fingers, eyes and toes that I can still do this!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


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