My “Big Girl” Paycheck

It’s official! I received my first nursing paycheck this morning (direct deposit is a wonderful thing) and it is more money than I’ve made a month recently!

This is beyond exciting, because now it is finally real to me that I can afford to do what I want to do and buy the things I have put off buying because my bank account was in a sad state. I don’t want to buy anything extravagant; new tennis shoes and nail polish, maybe a cute scrub top or two. The basics…I’ve been holding back buying anything other than food and the bare naked necessities recently, so this is really exciting for me!

Sad, huh? 😉

Now that I’ve officially received a real paycheck that isn’t laughable for the amount of numbers written on it (or lack thereof), it’s time to plan. I need to go over my expenses (which are forever changing), side hustle income, and plot out how much I want to pay towards my debt this month. I have the option of paying a little less than projected per month while in graduate school, as after I graduate and become a Nurse Practitioner my salary will just about double! If, at that point, I’m still living like a college student financially, I should be able to throw enough money at my debt in the last six months of 2019 and still meet my goal.

I need to pay off around $2,500 in interest before one of my debts goes into repayment status in October, as the interest will compound and make my loan’s principle a heck of a lot bigger. I’m (theoretically) about halfway to that goal now, but I just need to decide if I’m going to pay this debt off first (as it isn’t first on my debt avalanche list) or just the interest.

Lots of math for me to do in the coming days, and I have two shifts coming up this weekend on my weird 3am-3pm schedule. It messes with my sleep a little but I should have enough spare time to do a little planning….I’ll share what I can next week!


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