Exhausted Already


Well, I have officially completed the first 4 weeks of my 12 week work orientation. Woot! I worked almost all 3am to 3pm shifts, with a few “class” days (hospital -required computer classes and orientation) from 7am to 3pm. All in all it wasn’t too bad…I got used to waking up at 1am in order to be ready to receive report by 3am on the unit, and the shift allowed for some down time to check MD orders and go over my plan for the day before the babies all woke up to eat at 4am.

Starting tomorrow night, I will be on almost entirely night shifts for 6 weeks. Most will be 7pm to 7am, with a few 3pm starts thrown in…

I’m almost not looking forward to it. I know I need to train for the experiences that can arise when I’m off orientation and by myself but honestly, I’m already exhausted from getting up early to work 3-3. Now, I have to flip my entire sleep schedule around and be functional from 6pm to 8am (fingers crossed I’m never at work beyond 8am..).

I’ve gotten used to my schedule working 3am starts, so I think what is making me apprehensive about starting at 7pm is that I am already so tired and that this schedule is so different from the rest of my family’s. My dad works night shifts 5 days a week (from 10pm to 7am), but he is the only one who comes close to understanding what it is like. I won’t be on a steady, same day/same time schedule for work like he is, so it will be a little harder to get into a routine, I think.

Add to that the fact that grad school starts in 11 days (eek!) and I’m thinking I need a lot more coffee in my house…


How do you balance crazy schedules like this (nurse or not)??


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