Why I Quit Freelance Writing

I wrote freelance articles as a ghost writer for an online financial website contributor for about a month before I came to a big realization: it is hard to balance freelancing enough to make real money with a full-time job and family life.

I have read probably a hundred posts and articles online that have detailed how busy moms or professionals build up an internet empire in the wee hours between sleep and clocking into a real-world job. Honestly, they all — despite detailing the numerous activities they accomplish before they turn back into pumpkins at midnight — make it look (sound) so easy.

I found a freelancing position on UpWork relatively easily, after spending a lot of time researching the site itself and creating a profile. The employer was nice and had relatively simple requirements for a 5 articles per week assignment.

The problem was me, and my schedule. I started freelancing right before I started my nursing position, and because I’ve had two jobs and school for the last few years I figured I could do it all. I couldn’t. Working 3am to 3pm (and getting ready to switch to night shift whenever the unit needed me) made it difficult to keep up with real life, let alone a second position. The days I was free from work, I tried to tackle babysitting, financial planning, and getting ready for grad school in addition to writing.

Although the extra money was nice for the relatively easy work I did, I decided to quit two weeks ago.

School starts Wednesday, and I have just switched to alternating night and day shift (mostly 7pm to 7am now, but those unusual 3am/pm starts are thrown in every other week).I learned early on in my undergrad days that I need balance; even when I feel like I can do it all, that feeling and energy doesn’t last long. I get worn down and it affects my happiness and life in general. By quitting freelancing, I freed up several hours each week to relax, exercise, and focus on spending time with my family before the school madness begins.

I have to say, for everyone reading this who freelances in addition to a day job, kudos to you! There’s not enough Dunkin Donuts in the world for me to make it through both and school, and I definitely admire you!


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