Long time, no see!

I have thought about this baby blog over the last month every time I wanted to do something different (and not school/work-related), but quite honestly I never had the brain energy after a 12+ hour shift to sit and write.

After work — which, let’s face it, is never only 12 hours long in nursing! — I normally come home to my nice, warm bed and crash. Despite being a 20-something with a coffee addiction, I still need to sleep at least 7 hours a night to feel healthy and productive the next day. No amount of caffeine can help fake that. I learned in college, too, that my overall mental healthy and happiness relied on sleeping well.

My sophomore year, I took Pharm…we had to read 50 chapters of our textbook that fall semester because most of what we were tested on wasn’t discussed in class (he went off on a lot of tangets that semester…). I remember crying to and sleeping on that textbook more times than I would want to count, exhausted from trying to remember the difference between the many similar sounding drugs I had never used before. I felt stressed every day and didn’t realize until I started giving in and sleeping during some of my study time (on purpose, in a bed), that scientists aren’t lying when they tout the benefits of REM sleep and resting your body.

I’ve tried to maintain that sleep/school/work balance ever since, and it has never been harder than it has this past month. I work 3-12 hour shifts a week (and have picked up overtime a few times because of short staffing/bonuses offered) rotating between days and nights as well as attend class two nights a week half an hour (in no traffic) from my house. That alone wouldn’t be bad, but it makes for a lonely life; I see my parents because I live with them, and my boyfriend because we made a pact long ago to Skype as many nights as possible and have dinner in-person at least once a week (it’s a long-distance relationship between two working adults :/ ). I don’t see my sister and her family, whom I am super close to, but once every other week. I’ve missed my niece become obsessed with Thomas the Train (which she previously hated) and almost cried when, after a week apart, she came to me one visit and spoke two complete sentences. She wasn’t even two at the time and the last time I had visited she would say maybe two or three word phrases at a time. She’s growing up way, way too fast.

I can’t imagine how the women I work with do it. (That’s not to offend male nurses, my unit only has one and he isn’t in school.) A lot of my co-workers have husbands, kids, pets, parents to care for, work, school and a side gig making and selling crafts. I laugh at myself sometimes because at my age, I feel like I should be ready for an all-nighter or working one night then going out the next morning with friends to a game. Ha. I don’t see the next morning unless nature calls while I’m sleeping and I have to walk 10 feet to my bathroom…

But anyway…needless to say, I’ve been busy and learning where my groove is in this crazy world of baby-nursing and being a professional student. Hopefully, my groove will keep up and I can update more, because I have a lot to talk about financially and a lot of ideas for posts!

Happy Fall!


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