Night Shift Sleep Schedule (and I’m back on Days…)

Suffice to say, I am tired. I have been back on day shift for the last two weeks, and only had 4 night shifts between this stint of days and my last one. Despite having worked the last two days and having been exhausted when I came home, I woke up at midnight after only two hours of sleep.

It’s 5 am.

My body is stuck in night shift mode and I don’t know how to snap out of it. This is pretty annoying, as I have class today and a midterm tomorrow that I need to prepare for, but my brain is on the wrong side of the line of functionality.

I have been doing okay switching from day shift to night shift and coping with school and family time, but I definitely think something is going to give soon. Or, it has already; I had a pretty bad respiratory infection a few weeks ago that landed me in the ER and made me miss two nights of work (hence, the 4 night shifts instead of 3 shifts a week for 2 weeks). You would think that my body would still be recovering and need the sleep but apparently not!

And I have a confession: Between work and school and being ill, I haven’t even looked at my expenses this month. Oops! 😦

I have been good though, buying food and coffee less from restaurants and the hospital cafeteria and packing more. I have, however, let myself splurge on new E.L.F. makeup (it’s perfectly functional and doesn’t make me break out or break my bank!) and a few pieces of clothing. Nothing wild, just Target reduced-price purchases.


I’m still a penny pincher at heart, even if my wallet is a little bigger now 🙂 This much-needed trait helps as my last paycheck was lower than normal for my new big girl job; I didn’t have PTO (paid time off) to cover the two days I was sick, so I took them off without pay in any form. As a result, I skipped my now usual $750 transfer to my savings account for bigger expenses (read: my family Disney vacation next year, next semester’s tuition).

Maybe after my statistics midterm Thursday and my Patho midterm next week, I’ll be able to go over my finances and plan a little for November (since by then it will actually be November). Fingers crossed.

I’m going to try to cut my caffeine intake significantly over the next few weeks and be a little healthier diet and exercise wise, and I’ll let you guys know how that goes while balancing everything else on my plate.


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