First Midterm ✓

I officially have survived my first grad school midterm! Woo hoo!

It wasn’t my first grad school test, but it was my first stats test in grad school. Considering I was the girl in high school who told her dad she wouldn’t pick a career that involved math (and then continued on to nursing school with Med Math…ha), I wasn’t thrilled about having to take stats again. Undergrad stats scarred me enough.

The first day, though, our professor announced that we wouldn’t be doing much math in this class. With the exception of the homework assignments — which I may or may not have made harder on myself — he was right! Thankfully.

The test wasn’t that bad, but the anxiety leading up to it was. Couple that with the fact that I locked not only my keys, but backpack (and study guide) in my car an hour before the exam…I was one Stressed Sally. I tried to call a few places (campus police, campus parking) to  see if they could jimmy it open, but no such luck. Thankfully, my mom was able to bring a spare key to my car minutes before the exam so I wasn’t late. And…the distraction actually helped me not stress as much as I think I would have.

Now I’m on to studying for my patho test coming up in 6 days. And I work all weekend.

Adulting is so much fun, isn’t it? 😉


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