Free is my favorite word!

While I may be a bit of a logophile, my favorite words are not always the most…sophisticated sounding. I love how the word “moist” seems to make a shiver run up some people’s spines (my internship preceptor absolutely hated it!). I am fascinated by “syzygy,” because no word should ever have that many y’s and still be a word. (I have yet to ever play this cool of a word on Words with Friends, either. So my stance might be borne of jealous 😉 )

But ultimately, if I had to choose, my favorite word would be “free.”

Free food, free pens….free is good. Especially for a money-strapped grad student who is trying to pay off her student loans.


I love fairs and events at school (and work) where they use free food to entice people to attend. Totally works on me every time…that I don’t have work, class, or sleep scheduled (which is pretty often). These are also great places to meet new people and learn new things; on Halloween, my school hosted a cyber security event to teach students how to protect their virtual lives. They had snacks, prizes, and the chance to win some type of electronic device. I couldn’t attend because I had to study for midterms then took my niece Trick of Treating, but I’ve been to such an event before and even if you only walk away with a treat, that’s more than you arrived with, right?

You can also network at these events: meeting new professors and potential contacts for your future endeavors, learning about opportunities for internships and projects to get your name out there…it’s worth it to stop by!

Also, it might not be the healthiest food options (chips, hot dogs, etc) as they have to mass produce food on a budget, but if you have no money and are hungry, you can afford to break any health diet you’re on for one meal..

Then you can save your money to buy real food at the store 😉


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