The Last 9 Months…

Hey all!

I swear I’m alive!

Sorry for the 9 month absence…I fell down the rabbit hole that is grad school and only just recently got my life together enough to start being constructive in my down time (of which I have very little, and my tendency over the last year has been to use it for sleep 😉 ).

I have a LOT to catch you up on, starting with two of the biggest pieces of news that dominated the last nine months of my life….

  1. I’m engaged!!

My boyfriend of four years proposed after a sweet and distracting scavenger hunt on New Year’s Eve. Sweet, because he put so much thought and planning in (including lunch at the restaurant we had our first date at, clues leading from one location to the next, and a video he made of our pictures and letters to each other over the years); distracting, because I thought it was just a date day, and he had been talking about wanting to do this as a date for YEARS. Since our first Valentine’s together.

It seriously was the best day of my life (so far). And to top it off, he gave me a belated Christmas present after I said yes: a Ninja blender for my smoothie obsession (I made a joke when I got sized about a year ago about how Annie got one as a wedding gift from Brian in “Father of the Bride”).

A few months later, after looking at houses and debating areas of the city we wanted to live in…

2. We moved!

We compromised on location (closer to work for him, but close to a highway for me to get to work in the same amount of time as I used to if there’s no rush hour traffic/accidents). We ended up with a 1 bedroom apartment instead of a house; we both wanted to do a little more research into mortgages before taking that plunge and didn’t want the added stress of being first-time homeowners while work/grad school/wedding planning this year. We’ve talked about houses, our wishlist and price range, so we’re a little further in that search than we were three months ago, but we still have ten months on our lease so it’s a moot point right now.

Other than those two things, life has just been a juggling act between working primarily night shifts, going to class a few days a week, and spending time with my family and fiance. I think (almost a full year into school) that I’m starting to find a balance, but I’m fully expecting it to be thrown off the high-wire completely when I start clinicals next month.

So much for me kicking my coffee addiction from undergrad 😉


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