Second Job Opportunity

In the last 24 hours, I have made four shift trades at work. This was either due to school work that needed to be done (like when my lab professor moved our final and assigned me a time just after my 12 hour night shift would end) or personal reasons (like wanting off for my fiance’s birthday). I also picked up a few blocks of time from friends to make a little extra money before school starts again at the end of August.

On top of trying to — and sort of succeeding (?) in — balance my work, school and home lives like a stack of fine china on top of my head, my adviser threw me a slight curve ball today.

Apparently, a test taking service contacted her asking if she knew of anyone who would be interested in a per diem (as needed) job helping students taking the NCLEX-RN with their disability accommodations. The first job they had is to help read the questions and answer choices aloud to a student as they took the test.

The pay isn’t bad, and like I said it’s as needed (and they say you can decline offers), but I have two concerns about this:

  1. I already work the night of this specific test they emailed about.
  2. If I can never take a job because of conflicts with school/work (and because their jobs aren’t planned super far in advance), they may drop me like a hot potato.

I don’t want to waste their time or mine training for a job I’ll never be able to actually perform.

I’ve toyed around with the idea of working per diem for a small, non-hospital medical facility that is not far from my job now (just happens to be in the opposite direction of my house, though lol).

Again, my concerns are having enough time not only to pick up hours there and having enough time for school and my family. They are flexible in the size of shifts hour-wise and the amount per scheduling period, but I feel like that would spread me thinner than I already am.

My fiance and I have talked about my taking on a second job before. He’s politely against it. I’m neither for nor against; I worked 2 or 3 jobs at a time in high school and college while attending full time school, and didn’t feel completely cray cray. But, none of those jobs were full time…added up together, my hours hit maybe around 30 a week on average during the school year.

It was sweet of my adviser to think of me (she knows my financial situation and was in my shoes at my age, so she extends scholarship/per diem offers all the time), but I am going to have to decline. If I need more money, I can buck up, buy another coffee (or use the coffee machine in the parent lounge) and add four hours to my shift on my unit as I (and my unit) need it. Plus, this way, I can get time and a half (big bucks!) for working overtime if I hit over 40 hours a week.



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