About Me

I am a 20-something new nurse about to start the most challenging journey of her lifetime: starting my career as a pediatric intensive care nurse as well as fighting the student loans I took out to attend one of the country’s best nursing programs. I love my alma mater (I’m even returning in the fall of 2016 as a graduate student!) but they sure did not make it easy for students to attend at a low cost, even as a state school.

I don’t regret my degree, college experience, or my journey until this point. What I do regret was my lack of financial awareness at 18 that led to almost $100,000 in student loans being signed for my dream program.

As I return for my Masters degree in nursing (which will help to double my income as well as defer my loan payments from my undergraduate degree), I will share my journey, thoughts, and struggles in the hopes that it helps readers put a face (or story) to the infamous “student loan crisis” in America. Hopefully, I can teach you a thing or two you didn’t know about personal finance along the way.

Besides being a dork and blogging about my financial woes, I also like wine, reading mystery novels, binge watching off-the-air television shows on my sister’s Netflix, and spending time with my family. (Hopefully I seem less dorky now!)

If you have any questions, comments, or interest in me writing for your site, feel free to contact me!


The InDEBTed Nurse